Monday, 8 December 2014


Christmas 2014

As we enter into Advent, the next thing in mind is Christmas. Everywhere Christmas decorations are glittering at us both in churches and in public places. However the recent Bible episode has also dominated the media front pages of the nation. Over the last couple of Christmas, the same issue of the use of the word ‘Allah’ and the Malay version of the Bibles have saturated the speeches of politicians and the pages of facebook users. What is it all about? It is a sophisticated and complicated matter which involved every arena of society; looks like it is not going to be resolved in the near future. Only Christmas can bring about a solution to such a complex situation and issue.

Christmas is a season of giving. The gift of Christ to this world is given sacrificially, un-conditionally and eternally; there is no boundary, no expiry, no class privilege, and no exception. Christ Jesus came into the world to bring us the KEY to eternity, perfect peace, unending joy, full salvation, wholesome life, etc. In these challenging times, let us begin to learn to give ……

In April this year, I learn to give my time and attention to the Bible Society of Malaysia. It is definitely not my wish or my desire to take up the president post, especially having known that I will be going from a frying pan into a direct fire.

In November, we give our son, Joshua, into the gift of marriage with Tien Li in order that they can learn to give to each other in their new adventure and journey of married life.

Siew Lan is giving herself to assist in MICPE (Malaysian Indigenous Clinical Pastoral Education) and also equipping herself with TEE classes in the pursuit of B.Th. Charlotte is giving herself in serving Campus students through Alpha Malaysia. Sarah and Ching Seng are giving to each other in the setting up a family. As usual, I am giving my time (i.e. over time) and attention to seeing many parishioners eventually becoming true disciples of Christ and living lives worthy of the Lord. This intention has also been extended to all those who are interested, including churches and individuals.

Joshua and Tien Li's wedding
May the God of Christmas continue to teach and equip us to give our every best to each other and beyond in His name. Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and a Meaningful New Year!Let us give in prayers for each other.
Shalom,+Moon Hing & Siew LanJoshua & Tien Li, Sarah & Ching Seng, Charlotte

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