Sunday, 20 April 2014



This is a very challenging Easter. There are many unresolved mysteries. The missing plane MH370 is still not found. It is still difficult to know why the Korean ferry has capsized. Someone like the late Karpal Singh, the Tiger of Jelutong, a fighter for the truth and justice of this nation has to go at this crucial hour. The issues of ‘Allah’ and the confiscated Bibles are not resolved and no one knows when it will. The economy of the nation has been stretched and GST is coming next. Haze has come and gone and now the water rationing issue for Klang Valley has begun, first with one month and now it seems to extend to 6 months. It seems that Brain drain has been on the upward trend. The increasing mishandling of funds was revealed by the Auditor-General annually and little has been done to rectify them. Religious and racist extremism are on the rise without any authority curbing and taking action. 

Looking at all the gloomy scenes, hope seems to have little chance to glitter. It is like one looking for stars in a dark and cloudy sky. The longer and harder the search, the more disappointments dawn upon those who seek! However, if we have faith in the Lord, we know that after the clouds have gone, the stars will appear again. We need to wait patiently with firm assurance that the stars will appear after the clouds. Similarly, Easter reminds us the same just as the Lord will always be there. We will certainly see Him after the cloud of doubts or problems. He has not left us. He is there before, during and after the cloud of doubts; the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In spite and despite of many ‘setbacks’, Easter reminds us of God’s faithfulness and love. We are just like a little pawn in the chess board of God. The bigger picture is in the fulfillment of God’s master plan for each of us. Resurrection is the final chapter of death. Therefore death is not the end but the beginning of a new hope and aspiration.

I believe that these next few years will be most crucial. There will come many changes – many groups will come to the end of their usefulness and many will begin anew. Struggles and resistance will be thrust to the foreground but metamorphosis of nations, governments, communities, religious organizations, families, business conglomerates, schools, colleges, tastes, habits, etc. will take place at a much rapid pace. The world will be more flat but more hostile. Precisely, the greater the challenge is, the greater the opportunity for the ministry of God’s peace and salvation. But where are the ministers and workers of God?
People these days are more interested with the paper qualification than the actual training for ministry. More people are going after the title than doing the real work. Beware! Lest our Christianity become a toothless tiger – only the form is available but not the substance. There is a real sense of lacking in real and intentional disciples making.

What is the real purpose of Christ’s resurrection? He came and died and rose again for the individuals and not the church. He is interested in the individuals and not the church. He came and called individuals to be disciple of Christ and not the church. His real call to individuals is to follow Him and be his disciples and not to be deacons, elders, priests and bishops.

Have we missed the point?

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