Sunday, 29 May 2011


                                          SOWING IN STEWARDSHIP

The recent episode of fiasco over irresponsible news media reporting has been a worrying concern. Rumours and false allegations today have taken centre stage perhaps for monetary gain or political mileage or championing a particular cause. Taking a good objective look at the whole matter will convey a sense of desperation. People these days seem to have been sold to cheap and sensational stewardship. This should not be our way. The Bible is clear on stewardship – Christian stewardship.

• Christian stewardship has Jesus Christ as the Master
• Christian stewardship adopts a servanthood lifestyle and attitude
• Christian stewardship portrays total obedience to the Master
• Christian stewardship protects the properties and home of the Master
• Christian stewardship governs on behalf the business of the Master faithfully and claims no portion of it for self ownership
• Christian stewardship proclaims and leads a life worthy of the Master

In similar manner, we who are called to be children of God must also take up the challenge to rise to the occasion to adopt the Christian stewardship mindset and lifestyle which has been so emphasized throughout the Bible. The reasons where Christian stewardship has gone hay-wired can probably be summed up here in one word CONNECTION.

We can restore our true Christian stewardship by not treating Christ our Master as our house keeper or maid servant. He is indeed our helper at all times. This should not give rise to the fact that He is only needed when things are not working out well. In our words, deeds and thoughts, we must be able to reflect Christ’s image. Cheap sensation and selfish gain is not compatible with Christian stewardship. True Christian stewardship can only come from a life that is connected with Christ constantly.

We are like the refrigerator that is constantly plugged into the live current. Once the current is switch off, the food in the refrigerator will be spoilt because there is no more functional. The live current cannot be switched off at all or for a long period of time. The Bible uses the illustration of the branches abiding in the Vine. Once the branches are detached from the body of the Vine, they are useless and only good for firewood. The constant CONNECTION is crucial, essential and important.

How are you being connected to Jesus Christ? Are you still connected? What are you going to do to strengthen your connection with Jesus Christ our Lord and Master? Be connected always!


During this Lenten period, the first item which comes to our prayer is Japan and its Tsunami victims. The second prayer item is the ‘Release of the BM Bibles’. Usually these concerns will cloud over us in our prayers. Do we just pray when there is a need or should we not pray at anytime with and without a need? For some PRAYER is aiming outward i.e. praying for something either personally or community wise or world issues. Pray is more than an outward focus alone.

We certainly are familiar with praying for things to happen – such as for healing, recovery, protection, blessing, direction, requests, resolving problems, answers, wisdom, etc. In fact this is the most common phenomenon of all adherents of any faith. In the Scripture, I will refer this aspect of Prayer as A.S.K. which can be known as Ask – Seek – Knock. (Mt 7:7) 
There is another aspect of Prayer which is focusing on one inner self. It will require oneself to search deep within and to discover the true self in God’s presence. It is also being referred to as one of the followings – contemplation, reflection, meditation, and spiritual disciplines. This often involves repentance, self-denial, solitude, fasting and pilgrimage.
The third aspect of Prayer is Worship. This is not the common concept of services or singing with songs of praise. This is the appraisal and adoration of God Himself which includes the appreciation of all His creations. All His creations are made for specific purposes and for His glory. A failure to appreciate His purposes will eventually lead to a poor knowledge and relationship with God the creator. This can lead to abuses and destructions in the name of development and conveniences. A proper and correct understanding of God and His purposes will certainly lead to a joyous and harmonious living.
The fourth aspect of Prayer is Prophetic. This is the voice and action through our cultivated lives that can direct and guide the future generations towards the continuation of trusting and believing in God the Almighty. Our behaviour and posture speak volumes of who we are and whom we belong to. If we fail to project and propel forward the impact of our actions for God’s glory and honour then it is not prayer but only a wise course of action.
A balance Prayer will involve all these four aspects and hold them all together at any one time. This is liken to a four-legged table. It will not be appropriate to have one leg longer than the other. A healthy prayer life advocates a balanced life with all the aspects of prayer. This is liken to the description in the Book of James 5:16 “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”.
What type of Prayer are we sowing these days? We are warned to beware of the extremists who like to emphasise only on one particular aspect of the Truth and make it the whole Truth. If the Prayer we use does not change and transform us into God’s desired servants, then it is not a balanced Prayer, thus not a healthy Prayer. For example, if the mango-seed sown is not given a balanced nutrition and proper condition, it will eventually grow into a tree that cannot produce the delicious mangoes that are intended for.
Let us sow a Seed of Prayer which is also a Seed of Change and of Transformation.