Saturday, 16 March 2013


What is God seeing?

During this Lent, I was meditating on the ‘Eyes of God’ – what is He really seeing? I sensed that He was standing beside His throne and looking down at the world below and seeing all of us busy running around doing our things and some going to church. He also saw all Christians worshipping Him with our lips and songs but in our hearts we are not at peace with ourselves and with others. After a short while, He was shaking His head. I sensed that He is saying “What have happened to you all? Everyone one of you claiming to worship Me but fighting each other like nobody business. Are you really my children? Why are all these hatred and divisions?”

It has been two thousand years and there is no change in us. We tend to criticize the Old Testament Jews for not obeying God’s law and thus God has to give them away to the Babylonians. A quick glance will confirm that we are exactly in the same position. There is a lot of head knowledge and heart feeling too. If the effectiveness of the Resurrection of Christ is based on our becoming good then Christ has NOT risen completely yet. It is nice to know that Christ’s Resurrection does not based on our doings or becoming but entirely His sacrifice and submission to God’s Will.

I believe that there are some basic indicators we can watch out for. If we are serious in following Christ, we should be working on these.
1.     The sharing and working together among denominations leaders first then members.
2.     The sharing of Holy Communion and pulpit.
3.     The reduction of the usage and attitude of ‘My church’ and ‘Your church’.
4.     The sharing of resources, including church buildings and facilities, and the sharing of personnel inter and intra denominations.

I am also looking at the Malaysian Church and my own church. We are still very far from the center – the focus of God. We have fallen into the situation where we are now being identified as Consumer Christians. We can see that from our prayers – often in the requesting mode, little offerings and contributions – often to our own usage, duties – often reluctantly fulfilling it when rostered, involvements – often within our own parish and community, etc. Let us work towards the center – we believe that that is what God wants. This can be done by intentionally working towards the center. It is an ironic opposite – the more we go out and reach out to others and give away and share with others, the more we are moving towards the center. In contrast, the more we cling on to what is ‘Me’, ‘Mine’ and ‘Myself’, the further we are drifted away from the center.

The news of the new Archbishop of Canterbury – Justin Welby and the new Pope – Francis 1 certainly has given us much hope and aspiration to work towards the center. Both of them too have given priority to Evangelism and Social Action. I believe there is a lot of thing for us to learn and to work on – and we must work hard on it.

Siew Lan is working on her B.Th through Theological Education by Extension (TEE). She is also busy with her Malaysian Indigenous Clinical Pastoral Education (MI-CPE). Joshua is working as IT Officer in Singapore. Sarah has just gotten married to Ching Seng and both are working in Singapore. Charlotte will be finishing her B.Sc. this May in Texas, USA. I am as busy as ever with church, diocese and provincial duties. My chairmanship with the Christian Federation of Malaysia will end after Easter. This will be one burden less.

Please continue to pray for Malaysia – the General Election is round the corner and many believed that it can be the dirtiest election ever. The issue of forbidding the usage of the word ‘Al lah’ is still there and its impending court case hearing. The challenges of the Orang Asli, church ministry and the lack of workers are so acute and desperate. The issue of the ‘Invasion’ by foreign militants into the state of Sabah has become a national and regional concern.

I wish you find Christ more real this Easter than ever.

+Moon Hing                                                                                 Easter 2013

Moon Hing and Siew Lan
Moon Hing and Justin

 Joshua, Ching Seng , Sarah and Charlotte